who we are

  • President

    Kim Rudrud

    Fearless leadership, brand strategy, big thinking, fun making and lakeside living

  • Executive Creative Director

    Nicole Ackmann

    Smart thinking, idea visioning, tiny detail perfecting, chaos wrangling and deep understanding of essential oils

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Tim Deis

    Owning the joint, trusting all of us, checking off his bucket list and enviable cycling tours

  • Director of Brand and Creative Strategy

    Christiana Kippels

    Insight mining, trend watching and marathon seamstressing weekends

  • Group Creative Director

    Chris Weiss

    German precision, a deep love of details, experiential design, perfect lettering and relentless coffee consumption

  • Group Creative Director

    Ginnie Read

    Putting words in the right order, finding :15 second stories, cheerleading and breaking fashion boundaries

  • creative

    Kyle Loaney

    Animation, digital UX/UI, motion graphics, illustration, hand lettering and dog nicknames

  • account

    Kelly Lind

    Organizing huge projects, shopper guru, guideline memorization and having the fullest inbox in the universe

  • creative

    Frances Czaia

    Production wisdom, bringing display to life with 3D rendering and knowing any bird by its song

  • creative

    Mary Esch

    Relentless digital production, knowing every product code by heart and inspiring boisterous goodbyes.

  • account

    Sarah Stenbeck

    Client calming, project sorting and dispelling millennial stereotypes

  • creative

    Ezra Thormodsgaard

    Seeing the world from behind the lens, bringing it to life through edit, motion graphics and frying up perfect bacon, every time

  • creative

    Kari Chapman

    Solving design dilemmas, adding beauty to the details and finding hilarious animal videos

  • account

    Andrea Pallavicini

    Strong client relationships, tireless multi-tasking, doing all things at the speed of light and escape room escaping

  • creative

    Patrick Bentz

    Treating videos like films, asking “what if?” and enlightening us on world culture

  • Office Dogge


    You got some trash I can eat?

  • Administrative

    Mike Bliss

    Internet connections, number crunching, check cutting and an almost perfect F chord

  • creative

    Ka(y)li DeBoer

    Rewriting design rules, fearlessly attacking details and owning her strange Iowan ways

  • account

    Anshul Paranjape

    Content strategy, UX, all the socials, answering every digital question and impromptu handstands

  • Office Dogge


    I will wait by the freezer until you give me an ice cube so you might as well give me one.


From fashion to film, yoga to dance, hand touched to high tech, modern renaissance to the core.