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  • 612.400.1444
  • 807 Broadway St NE Suite 270
    Minneapolis MN, 55413

(Because Google doesn’t know where our front door is)

THREAD is in the Highlight Center, which appears to be on Broadway, but you actually get there off of Quincy (across Broadway from Uncle Franky’s). You’ll know you’re going the right way if your teeth rattle as you drive down a cobblestone street. Able Brewery will be on your right (in case you’re thirsty) and our parking lot on the right just past Able. Visitor parking is to the right of the stairs.

You’ll see MAIN ENTRANCE in the middle of the building. Those are the doors you want. Come in. Hop on the elevator, and when the doors open on 2nd, you’ve arrived. And if you didn’t grab a beer at Able, we’re happy to pour you one here. See you soon.


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